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Cost-effectiveness models

Cost-effectiveness models have become mandatory for most HTA agencies, and have become the cornerstone of negotiations with national payers. Asc Academics can build health economic models from scratch that will translate your new health technology’s clinical consequence to monetary savings, while quantifying their positive impact on a patients’ quality of life.

Burden of disease studies

A burden of disease study assesses the impact of a health problem as measured by incidence, prevalence, morbidity and mortality, quality- or disability adjusted life years (QALYs or DALYs), costs & other indicators. It creates awareness of a disease and the impact on patients and society. We perform BOD studies to get more insights of a disease in different countries. This is of great value to address the needs of the disease and it’s patient population.

Early HTA 

Early HTA refers to the systematic evaluation of effects and/or impacts of health technology alongside clinical trials. Often, clinicians and patients have different priorities when valuing clinical endpoints. However, health economists look at interventions differently, often finding economically relevant endpoints that can be vital when discussing the economic endpoint and thus your claim on reimbursement.

Early HTA can be a valuable tool to assist in go/no-go decisions.

Late-phase studies and real-world evidence synthesis

Regulatory agencies worldwide demand additional data about long-term safety and the side-effects profile of new products in real-world settings when available on the market. To meet those growing data requirements we are able to identify, assist the collection of, and analyse valuable economic and quality-of-life related outcomes.

Systematic review

A systematic review summarises the results of available international literature on controlled trials, case studies, epidemiological information etc, and can inform a client on the best way of moving forward with their new technology. Our systematic reviews can become valuable tools for strategy development, summarizing/visualizing international information, and providing recommendations for future development.

Reimbursement policy analysis

The pharmaceutical policy landscape is rapidly evolving, therefore research and impact analyses are constantly needed. As advisors of the WHO, the EU, Dutch Health Council and Dutch Parliament we can support you performing reimbursement policy analyses.

Preference measurement

What is the value of a health technology? To optimize healthcare decision making by decisionmakers selecting interventions for collective reimbursement, you need to prove what the value is of the different interventions. We connect data and people with health technology, and will perform preference measurement to ensure what instrument captures health effects best.

Reimbursement dossiers

Asc Academics has extensive experience in assisting companies with their application for reimbursement in Western Europe, creating a value story around the therapeutic added value and economic consequence of a new health technology.

Headroom analysis

Asc Academics can assist in a priori headroom analyses surrounding hypothetical efficacy and potential consequences, informing clients on their potential pricing of their product to achieve a cost-consequence balance acceptable for reimbursement by governments or insurance companies.

Partner in international consortia

Work packages “Health Technology Assessment” can increase the chance of your grant application being successful. As an SME (Small-Medium sized Enterprise), Asc Academics is often asked to assist in setting up or leading the “health economics work package”. We are always happy and honoured to assist in writing grant applications. Our experience allows us to build economic models that can demonstrate the monetary benefit of all health technologies –from hypothetical tools to almost-implementable health innovations.

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