About Asc Academics


Asc Academics is a market access and health economics consultancy that combines academic rigor, business insights and creativity to uncover the economic and societal value of healthcare innovations.

At Asc Academics, we work with the latest health economic methodologies to quantify the costs and impact of healthcare products in monetary and societal terms.

By turning complex questions into clear solutions, Asc Academics is able to reach target audiences including payers, healthcare providers, policymaker, patients and other stakeholders. 

Our Team

Evgeni Dvortsin (MSc) 
Managing director

Hinko Hofstra (MSc)
HEOR Consultant 

Janny Hemrica
Financial admin

Expertise: management & financial administration 

Lotte Westerink (MSc, PharmD)
HEOR Consultant 
Expertise: Orphan drugs, economic modelling, policy and reimbursement.  

Bert Wolters  (MSc, PharmD) 
HEOR Consultant 


Sharon Wolters (MSc PharmD)
HEOR Consultant 
Expertise: HTA and reimbursement procedures, economic modelling

Jos Luttjeboer (MSc)
HEOR Consultant 
Expertise: Infectious diseases, health economic modelling, vaccine preventable diseases 

Rimma Velikanova

Florian Zeevat (MSc PharmD)
HEOR Consultant 
Expertise: systematic literature reviews and economic modelling.

Charlotte Steenhuis (MSc)
Chief Operations Officer 
Expertise: Project management, EU funding, marketing, public health.

Arjan Postma
HEOR Consultant

Judith Gout-Zwart (Msc, PharmD)
HEOR Consultant 
Expertise: Quality of life,      preventive interventions, screening modelling.  


 Prof.dr. M.J. Postma

Professor Global Health Economics at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and University of Groningen

Lisa de Jong (MSc PharmD) 

PhD-candidate health economics at the University of Groningen.

Expertise: Modelling in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Christiaan Dolk (MSc) 

PhD-candidate health economics at the University of Groningen.

Expertise: modelling infectious diseases, database analyses.

Looking for a job?

Asc Academics is the ideal environment to kick-start your career in health economics and/or market access. At Asc Academics you work in a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team. As a young company we place high value on flexibility, creativity and independence, and provide employees the opportunity to learn and develop themselves.

Asc Academics is always looking for talent. Whether you are inexperienced, a mid-level professional or a senior, we welcome you to check our vacancies or send in an open application.

Send an email to jobs@ascacademics.com

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