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Burden of illness study in breast cancer

Our team conducted a burden of illness study for a treatment of metastatic breast cancer.

What we did

Project background

For the market access of their drug, a burden of illness and unmet need study was needed as part of a global value dossier.

Challenges faced

Because of the size of the search and the fact that it was part of a bigger project (GVD), it was a challenge to provide the information within the required timeframe and budget. It was especially challenging to refrain from postponing the tasks of the BOI study and prioritize other parts of this big project. Another difficulty was due to an already existing example of a similar project done prior to this one. The challenge was to keep thinking about how to put the information in this report and not just do the same as in the example. 

Our solution

We prioritized the tasks that needed to be done for the BOI study and we decided to directly extract information into the GVD to save time and budget. We had several meetings to understand the client's needs and also several review sessions to check if the content was agreed upon. 

Our impact

We made a poster that was submitted to the ESMO congress. Before submitting the poster, it went for a review within the company of the client. There were a lot of people reviewing the poster and there were also important names among them from the field. Most of the reviewers didn't have any comments, and the reviewers that did have comments had really good suggestions and advice on how to improve the poster. 


This project resulted in a publication in Annals of Oncology.

Meet the experts

Kimberley  Bakker, MSc

Kimberley Bakker, MSc

Services used

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