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Literature reviews and economic model for COVID-19

Our team conducted literature reviews for the input of an economic model for COVID-19

What we did

Project background

The client was a global pharmaceutical company specializing in vaccines. They have recently developed a COVID-19 vaccine and wanted to prove its economic value. To assist them, we developed a cost-effectiveness model comparing their vaccine to those currently in use, and an economic SLR/TLR to support the model and provide information to discover a niche for their product.

Challenges faced

In the rapidly changing landscape of COVID-19, the information identified in the economic SLR had already been dated when the SLR was finished and the report was being written. Most of the articles considered initial COVID vaccinations, while at the time, booster vaccinations were more relevant. In addition, new variants of COVID-19 were not researched in the identified articles.

Our solution

We chose to supplement the SLR with a TLR, for which we updated the information while writing the report. This way, the latest and most relevant data was available in the report, even though it might not have been identified in the SLR.

Our impact

The client was satisfied with the results, especially with the economic model and with the accuracy of the TLR. In addition, the results of this project lead to a follow-up project: an NMA on adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Meet the experts

Bert  Wolters, MSc

Bert Wolters, MSc

Services used

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