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At Asc Academics, we contribute to sustainable, cost-effective healthcare by guiding decision-making in the public and private healthcare sectors using evidence-based research.

We are a global market access and health economics consultancy that combines academic rigour, business insights, and creativity to uncover the economic and societal value of healthcare innovations. We provide comprehensive health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) services across a range of therapeutic areas and indications for stakeholders in private and public organizations.

Our services

we have led HEOR projects across

25 +

disease areas, uncovering the value of

90 +

treatments impacting

100 +

million patients across the world.

HEOR services

We are skilled in every HEOR-related project, from classic cost-effectiveness models and global value dossiers, to complex network meta-analyses and survival analyses.

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Evidence synthesis

We are highly skilled in synthesizing the economic and clinical evidence needed to support the value of your products. Our experts have a wealth of experience in literature reviews, and comparative and burden of illness studies.

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Health economic modelling

We develop a wide range of economic models with the purpose of communicating economic and clinical evidence. Our colleagues are technically skilled, experienced and able to think creatively to develop models that meet the needs of your product.

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Value communication

We develop user-friendly GVDs based on our extensive knowledge of reimbursement requirements. With concise value messaging, we make your GVD more than the sum of its’ parts.

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