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Evidence synthesis

In a setting of growing scientific literature and a fast-moving industry, we understand the need to synthesize data. We generate new insights and summarize key clinical and economical evidence by performing meticulous and thorough systematic literature reviews. We also perform custom-made targeted literature reviews to uncover market opportunities and find answers to critical clinical and economic questions.

We understand the need

We understand the need of our customers to synthesize and compare clinical data in support of HTA submissions. We excel in performing several types of meta-analyses, from the pairwise comparison to network meta-analyses (NMAs) and matching adjusted indirect comparisons (MAICs). We support you in the choice of the analysis to suit the research question so you can draw clear and insightful conclusions that will inform both decision-makers and patients.

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These noteworthy case studies have been selected to show our capabilities in evidence synthesis.

Global value dossier for a treatment in oncology

Our team synthesized the evidence and has written a full global value dossier for a product in breast cancer.

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Burden of illness study in breast cancer

Our team conducted a burden of illness study for a treatment in metastatic breast cancer.

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Network meta-analysis for a vaccine

Our team of experts conducted a meta-analysis for a vaccine to compare the safety profiles of the client's vaccine with those already on the market.

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Survival analysis for a treatment in oncology

Our team conducted a survival analysis for a treatment of breast cancer using immature data.

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Literature reviews and economic model for COVID-19

Our team developed an economic model and conducted a literature review to discover niches for the vaccine in COVID-19.

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