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Health economic modelling

We are aware of the importance of building meticulous and user-friendly cost-effectiveness models to inform decision-makers and negotiate with payers. Our team of modellers have experience in several types of economic evaluations and is constantly up to date with the current mandatory market models.

We can help uncover

We can help uncover the clinical and economic value of your product with tailor-made cost-effectiveness models. We can also help demonstrate the affordability of innovation through a budget impact analysis. Our modellers are able to create and adapt models for every country without disregarding country-specific HTA guidelines. In addition, we provide quality checks for technical models to ensure their transparency and high quality to optimally demonstrate the value of an innovation and support decision-making.

Related cases:

These notworthy case studies have been selected to show our capabilities in health economic modeling.

Cost-savings models for a COPD and diabetes app

Asc Academics built two cost-savings models (one for COPD and one for diabetes) to calculate the (potential) cost savings of implementing an app for patients to increase their adherence to their prescribed medication regimens.

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Adaptation to the Nordic model in rare disease

Our modelling team adapted a model to the Nordics setting.

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Early budget impact model

Our team developed an early budget impact model for a biotech start-up that was in search of investors. A strong value story was needed to show the benefits and associated costs.

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Literature reviews and economic model for COVID-19

Our team developed an economic model and conducted a literature review to discover niches for the vaccine in COVID-19.

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