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Who we are

We are a team of over 35 driven people with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, contributing to better healthcare worldwide. Our purpose gives us a reason to get up every day and inspires us to be friendly colleagues and valuable partners to our clients.

Mission & vision

Optimizing access to new interventions for all patients is the foundational pillar of our organization, as we lead market access and health economics projects for a broad range of for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations. Our mission is to contribute to sustainable, cost-effective healthcare for all patients around the world, as we strongly believe that decision-making in the public and private healthcare sectors should be informed by evidence-based health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). Our team of experts have been doing exactly that, making academic insights understandable and user-friendly at the speed of business.

With the world population ageing, the incidence of most diseases rising, and healthcare expenditure reaching its limits, governments need an evidence-based method to assess the added value of innovative interventions. For patients, new interventions equal hope for increased longevity and improved quality of life, and it is crucial for governments and manufacturers that the process from patent to patient runs optimally and suffers no delays. After clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy of new interventions, it is up to us to get the intervention to patients by optimizing the market access process. We believe every undertaken HEOR project should add another piece of that puzzle; helping manufacturers and governments make informed decisions about new interventions leads to sustainable, cost-effective healthcare for patients.

Remember, if you have a HEOR-related question, you can just asc!

Our people

Since our foundation in 2015, we have become an established name in the HEOR world; decision-makers turn to us for HEOR projects. Our easygoing and dynamic company culture makes us a great partner for many public and private healthcare organizations, and our dedicated experts have built longstanding relationships with many of our clients. Meet the team!

  • Evgeni Dvortsin, MSc
  • Rimma Velikanova, MSc
  • Roel  Freriks, PhD
  • Auke van der Meij, MSc
  • Rowena  Wolf, LLM
  • Jeroen Paulissen, PharmD MSc
  • Sharon  Wolters, PharmD MSc
  • Arjan  Postma, MSc
  • Bert  Wolters, MSc
  • Hidde Nab
  • Steef  Konings, MSc
  • Hinko  Hofstra, MSc


Our connection with various healthcare industry leading companies brings us new insights, connections and inspiration.

The Institute for Diagnostic Accuracy

The leading organization providing solutions for the implementation of early detection of lung cancer.


General Practitioners Research Institute

A primary care research institute combining and facilitating GP practices in performing real world primary care studies.


SHE consulting

A health economic consulting firm led by Dr Sarah Dewilde providing management of large studies from data collection to scientific writing, publication and everything in between.



A strategic pricing, value and market acces consultancy specialized in value messaging and pricing strategies.



A Dutch market access consultancy specialized in the interaction between policy and practice, connecting stakeholders and individuals.


OAK access

A Dutch market access consultancy providing strategic advice for the reimbursement of pharmaceutical innovations.


MH Pronk Health Care Consultancy

A Dutch market access consultancy specialised in out-patient and in-hospital market access projects.


University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is a research university with a global outlook and currently in or around the top 100 on several influential ranking lists.


Prof. dr. M.J. Postma

Professor in Pharmacoeconomics at the University of Groningen, specialized in cost-effectiveness of vaccinations and methodological issues surrounding this (dynamic modeling and discounting).