Asc Academics services

Asc Academics offers comprehensive support trajectories to companies, non-governmental organizations and research institutes to uncover and communicate the economic and societal value of a healthcare innovation to relevant target audiences.  

Our support services may include:

1. Providing companies continuous health economic support throughout a market access trajectory for a new medicinal product

2. Outsourcing consultants on a flexible basis to accommodate urgent need for on-location market access or health economics support

3. Being a work-package leader or partner in a consortium research project 

4. Assisting International organizations or NGOs to gain insights in the economic value of public health interventions

Stand-alone services 


Cost-effectiveness models

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Cost-effectiveness models have become mandatory for most HTA agencies, and are the cornerstone of negotiations with national payers. Asc Academics can build health economic models from scratch that will translate the clinical benefits of your healthcare innovation into monetary savings, and understandable quality of life outcomes. 

Reimbursement trajectories

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Asc Academics has extensive experience in assisting companies with their application for reimbursement in Europe, creating a value story around the therapeutic added value and economic consequence of a new health technology. We can fully develop and write reimbursement dossiers needed for HTA agencies and establish contact with key stakeholders to ensure a successful product launch.  

Market Access Scans

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Budget Impact models

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Although healthcare innovations can cause health gains, overall national healthcare budgets are not infinite. Therefore, payers (insurance companies, hospital departments, ministries) use budget impact models to determine the overall costs of the innovation. Our team can build budget impact models from scratch, that are easy-to-use, and adaptable to various countries. In addition, we collaborate with high-end app developers, that can make the budget impact model tablet-applicable for your salesforce to use in conversations with stakeholders.

Core Value Dossiers

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Our medical consultants are experts in summarizing clinical, economical and societal values. We can create, or update, core value dossiers to be used by global headquarters to uniformly inform national all employees within a company. Using safe and easy-to-use online environments, we ensure uniformity, sharing and timely updates for all users.

Real-world evidence generation

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Regulatory agencies worldwide demand additional data about long-term safety and the side-effects of new products in real-world settings when they are available on the market. To meet those growing data requirements we are able to identify, assist the collection of, and analyse valuable economic and quality-of-life related outcomes.  

An early Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a systematic evaluation of effects and/or impacts of a health technology during a clinical trial. Starting a health economic assessment early can yield significant benefits throughout the development process of your health innovation. During a clinical trial, patients and healthcare practitioners identify clinical relevant endpoints; health economists will identify endpoints which are economically relevant. An early HTA can assist in go/no-go decisions, and form the basis for market access and reimbursement claims at national level.

Burden of disease studies

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Asc Academics frequently carries out burden of disease studies, in order to measure the impact a disease or health problem has on a population in a specific context or setting. A burden of disease study may include measurements of the incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, associated quality- or disability adjusted life years (QALY’s or DALY’s), costs, and other indicators of a disease or health problem. 

Systematic review

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In every medical field, a wealth of information is available through academic literature. A systematic literature review combines existing sources of information to generate new conclusions, insights and directions for future research. Systematic reviews can be highly valuable for strategy development, recommendation development, and the visualization of an evidence base for a medical innovation. 

Reimbursement policy overview

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Understanding reimbursement policy of medication and medical technology can be complex, let alone for different countries in Europe. Reimbursement policy is unique in every country, and is undergoing rapid changes. Asc Academics has the expertise and network to provide an overview of reimbursement policy and national structures throughout countries in Europe to provide you with tailored advise for your product and market. 

Headroom analysis

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A headroom analysis can provide an indication of the hypothetical efficacy and potential consequences of a healthcare innovation, and use this to determine potential pricing options. As a result, product pricing may be set to achieve a cost-consequence balance acceptable for reimbursement by governments or insurance companies.  

Research Grant partner

Asc Academics can play a valuable role as a partner in internationally funded projects. As an SME, with expertise in health economics, we can add value to your consortium. Please contact us to find out about opportunities for collaboration.

Training & workshops

Asc Academics can provide training and workshops on a wide range of topics in the life sciences with a focus on health economics and market access. We have experience with providing workshops in international settings.

On-site support/ outsourcing

Do you need an HEOR expert for a month, six months, a year? Asc Academics can outsource it's experts to provide on-site support on a temporary basis. Contact us for more information.