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Our in-house educational program

Our curiosity-driven consultants combine academic rigour, business insights and creativity to uncover actual product value. Their broad overview of all HEOR processes enables them to solve any challenge in a way that is best suited for your situation. Our all-around consultants owe this helicopter view to our in-house designed educational program: Asc Academy.

At Asc Academy, new HEOR professionals hit the ground running as we leverage our technical knowledge of health economics together with our extensive knowledge of various therapeutic areas. Each month is dedicated to a separate subject, which is mastered through workshops, webinars, and journal clubs. This way, consultants tackle the current problem and guide the whole product launch to the right solution so that patients can gain access to innovations as soon as possible.

Kickstarting young HEOR professionals

Asc Academy gets new HEOR professionals through all aspects of the field. The education program takes one year and covers a range of topics:

  • Global value dossiers

  • Value messaging

  • Drug-to-market process

  • Reimbursement dossiers

  • Indirect treatment comparisons

  • Patient-reported outcome measures

  • Literature reviews

    • Screening

    • Search string creation and quality control

    • PICOS

    • Risk of Bias

    • PRISMA

  • Models

    • Model structures considerations

    • Markov traces

    • Sensitivity analysis

    • Macro's

  • Teamwork & soft skills

    • Rules of engagement

    • DISC profiles

    • PRINCE2 project management tools

    • Feedback training

    • Presenting complicated problems and data

    • Data security

    • Time management

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