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Case studies

Over the past years, Asc Academics has collaborated on many projects. Below you can find a selection of our noteworthy projects that have made a significant impact not only in the area of health technology but also for patients around the world.

Stakeholder Report for Market Access Challenges and Solutions in CGT

Asc Academics created a stakeholder report to highlight the views of all stakeholders on the challenges and proposed solutions for improving market access for Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) in the Netherlands.

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Cost-savings models for a COPD and diabetes app

Asc Academics built two cost-savings models (one for COPD and one for diabetes) to calculate the (potential) cost savings of implementing an app for patients to increase their adherence to their prescribed medication regimens.

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Global value dossier for a treatment in oncology

Our team synthesized the evidence and has written a full global value dossier for a product in breast cancer.

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Adaptation to the Nordic model in rare disease

Our modelling team adapted a model to the Nordics setting.

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Burden of illness study in breast cancer

Our team conducted a burden of illness study for a treatment in metastatic breast cancer.

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Network meta-analysis for a vaccine

Our team of experts conducted a meta-analysis for a vaccine to compare the safety profiles of the client's vaccine with those already on the market.

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Early budget impact model

Our team developed an early budget impact model for a biotech start-up that was in search of investors. A strong value story was needed to show the benefits and associated costs.

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Value messaging in breast cancer

Our team has produced a compelling value message for a treatment in metastatic breast cancer.

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In-house HEOR support

A short-term outsourcing collaboration with one of our pharmaceutical clients to aid in their urgent need for support.

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Survival analysis for a treatment in oncology

Our team conducted a survival analysis for a treatment of breast cancer using immature data.

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Literature reviews and economic model for COVID-19

Our team developed an economic model and conducted a literature review to discover niches for the vaccine in COVID-19.

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