Asc Academics - Market access and health economics consultancy


Snapshot of Our Work

Market Access

When bringing new medical innovations to the market, it is essential to understand the dynamics of the market. Asc Academics has been supporting healthcare companies by providing European and Dutch market access scans, that have strategically aligned internal thinking around launches. In addition, we identify the best overall strategy together with the client, that includes stakeholder management, and evidence generation. As a one-stop-shop, Asc Academics can provide ad-hoc or continuous support throughout the launch of a product, for the development of therapeutic and economic reimbursement files. 

Orphan drugs

Asc Academics has extensive experience in building economic value propositions for (ultra) orphan drugs. We have a proven track record in building economic models accepted by HTA agencies. Alongside developing economic models, we identify data gaps and generate evidence to be used in reimbursement procedures in various countries. Next to adapting our economic model to various countries, Asc Academics has been through the BeNeLux assessment, which gives us unique insights that are useful in future reimbursement procedures.

Horizon2020 and IMI experience

Asc Academics is an experienced partner in Horizon2020 Health, demographic change and well-being projects, IMI, and other public private partnership funds. In these projects, Asc Academics is able to build an economic case for an intervention or health innovation. Considering the need for increased transparency, impact and inclusion of small-to-medium enterprises in publicly funded projects, Asc Academic can be of significant added value to your consortium.

Outsourcing /interim support

Companies and organizations frequently require temporary support in health economics, throughout the launch of a new product or to replace employers on temporary leave. Asc Academics offers companies interim consultants on a fulltime basis on location. Hiring health economics consultants on an interim basis can have significant benefits. Contact us to find out more.



Public Health Economics

Currently, health economic assessment is primarily focused on measuring value for money for a defined group of patients, which overlooks the wider societal benefits of public health interventions. There is a growing demand for expertise in health economics within public health practice and policy, to build the case for the implementation of preventive interventions around the world.

Asc Academics is active in a number of initiatives to fulfill this need. Besides collaborating with the World Health Organization in the implementation of vaccine programmes, Asc Academics co-organizes an annual Public Health Economics winter/summer schools.



Why Asc Academics?

Tailored and personal services: we go the extra mile

Many of our regular clients have turned to us because they were looking for committed consultants that go the extra mile to provide high-quality and tailored support. As a small, engaged and specialized consultancy,  we are able to work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions to complex problems. 

Asc Academics places high value on the interaction between our consultants and clients. 

All consultants at Asc Academics work closely with universities, and are actively engaged in academic health economic projects, often publishing alongside esteemed academics. Consequently our consultants are informed of the latest academic insights and methodologies in HEOR, receive continuous training, and are able to apply these insights throughout projects.