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Machine Learning & Health Economics: Status Quo?

21 November, 12:00 - 13:30 pm CET


Machine learning is entering the field of health economics and market access. What are the expectations of this trend for HTA? Should AI be seen as a substitute or complement to traditional medicine? This webinar will give experts a platform to answer these questions and share their thoughts on the status quo of this expected industry shake-up.

Asc Academics is proud to present the machine learning and health economics webinar in cooperation with the Benelux Health Economics Association (Vereniging voor Gezondheidseconomie) and the University of Groningen.


Professor in Global Health Economics, Maarten Postma, will kick off and reflect on key historical developments in the field of HEOR that have formed the current standard practices and how we can use these lessons to prepare ourselves for the upcoming HEOR industry shake-up.

Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Co-Founder of Machine2Learn, Tom Heskes, will demonstrate how machine learning has already entered the broader field of healthcare and demonstrate its potential value for cost-effective decision-making.

We will close off with a dive into the evidence-based impact of machine learning in breast cancer research. This presentation by Assistant Professor in Health Economics, Roel Freriks, will interactively discuss the complementarity of AI in HEOR research and practice.

Prof. Dr. M.J. Postma

Professor in Global Health Economics at the University of Groningen, contributing to many international research networks and scientific communications.

Prof. Dr. T.M. Heskes

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University Nijmegen with a focus on machine learning and Co-Founder of Machine2Learn.

Dr. Roel Freriks

Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen and Board Member of the Benelux Health Economics Association.


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