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Early budget impact model

Our team developed an early budget impact model for a biotech start-up.

What we did

Project background

The client was seeking investors and required a value story highlighting the potential benefits and associated costs of their project. However, there was a lack of data available on the effectiveness of the client's drug, making it difficult to model the drug's potential impact.

Challenges faced

The main challenge was the lack of data on the effectiveness of the client's drug. We did not know whether the drug would reverse the disease or stabilize it, which made it difficult to create a value story for the treatment.

Our solution

We made some assumptions to model the efficacy of the drug and made an easy manual for the client. This allowed the client to utilize the model to search for investors and make changes to the model themselves when more data became available. In addition, we included benefits in the budget impact model, as the client was particularly interested in seeing the benefits in this area.

Our impact

The client was satisfied with the final product and was eager to continue working with our team in the future. Our solution allowed the client to move forward with their search for investors, despite the initial lack of data on the drug's effectiveness.

Meet the experts

Sharon  Wolters, PharmD MSc

Sharon Wolters, PharmD MSc

Services used

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