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Global value dossier for a treatment in oncology

Our team synthesized the evidence and has written a full global value dossier on a product for the treatment of breast cancer.

What we did

Project background

The clients were planning to launch a new therapy in oncology, and they needed a full global value dossier to demonstrate the health and economic value provided by their treatment compared with the available treatment landscape. This dossier would also prove essential for gaining market access for their therapy. The cost-effectiveness model for the global value dossier would need to be informed with the appropriate inputs in order to generate robust estimates and provide a reliable basis for decision-making.

Challenges faced

A network meta-analysis was performed to produce relative effects information on multiple endpoints for all treatments of interest. To provide well-founded estimates, the main challenge was to perform a feasibility assessment and determine which studies were sufficiently comparable to the clinical trial of interest for use in our network meta-analysis.

Our solution

Comparator studies were identified and compared on multiple design features to assess similarity. We looked at the baseline characteristics of the reported populations and analysed these for comparability, particularly for characteristics identified as treatment effect modifiers.

Our impact

Relative effect outputs for four different endpoints will be created through network meta-analysis to correctly inform the cost-effectiveness model. The success condition for this project will be met once this output data is retrieved from the analysis and determined to be robust.

Meet the experts

Auke van der Meij, MSc

Auke van der Meij, MSc

Jeroen Paulissen, PharmD MSc

Jeroen Paulissen, PharmD MSc

Arjan  Postma, MSc

Arjan Postma, MSc

Alexander  van Schoonhoven, MSc

Alexander van Schoonhoven, MSc

Bert Sloof, MSc

Bert Sloof, MSc

Timon  Louwsma, MSc

Timon Louwsma, MSc

Services used

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