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Survival analysis for a treatment in oncology

Our team conducted a survival analysis for a treatment in metastatic breast cancer

What we did

Project background

A client focusing on several oncology treatments needed to determine the Economically Justifiable Price of their drug in a new indication. For this, it was necessary to input survival estimates into our model. However, at that point, we had not yet received survival estimates to produce realistic survival distributions. 

Challenges faced

The main challenge was to swiftly set up and perform a survival analysis on earlier data (i.e., Kaplan-Meier curves) provided by the client. For this project, we had agreed with the client that survival analysis would be performed by their statistical team and not ours. However, their statistical team was not able to produce the results at that time, and we had to perform the survival analysis ourselves in a limited timeframe.

Our solution

We quickly digitized the Kaplan-Meier curves and adjusted the R-code to accept the data correctly. With the help of several consultants who had worked on the R-code before, we were able to run the code and produce the desired output within a few days. Additionally, we utilized our available SOP to perform the other parts of the survival analysis (i.e., digitization, implementation) within the limited timeframe.

Our impact

Our survival analysis successfully produced similar median survival outcomes to those reported later in the trial readout. Additionally, the outcomes from our survival analysis were comparable to those from the client's statistical team when they performed the analysis themselves later on in the project. Our quick and effective solution ensured the project could move forward smoothly and meet the client's needs for accurate survival estimates.

Meet the experts

Alexander  van Schoonhoven, MSc

Alexander van Schoonhoven, MSc

Bert Sloof, MSc

Bert Sloof, MSc

Services used

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