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Value messaging in breast cancer

Our team has produced a compelling value message for a treatment in metastatic breast cancer.

What we did

Project background

A client was working on a novel intervention in oncology. The intervention produced by the client had demonstrated superior efficacy and tolerable safety in phase III clinical trial in a new indication, and the client required strong value messaging as part of a global value dossier to support their application for market access in this indication.

Challenges faced

Value communication for the global value dossier needed to reflect the messaging for the clinical trial outcomes in terms of efficacy and safety benefit, the messaging for the intervention's impact on the unmet need and quality of life of patients, and the health and economic value presented in the dossier itself. A coherent and compelling value message for the new indication had to incorporate these viewpoints and align with multiple documents.

Our solution

We reframed the health and economic data from the global value dossier into clear and effective value messages for various areas, including the burden of disease, therapeutic landscape, unmet need, therapeutic value, and economic value. These messages were aligned with existing value documents for clinical trials and quality-of-life outcomes for a cohesive overview of the intervention's value and significance for payers and patients.

Our impact

Our team's strong alignment roadmap at the start of the project with the client ensured that we arrived at a comprehensive format that satisfied all project needs and client preferences. We created summary messages that highlighted the key value of the intervention for specific areas, substantiated by messages emphasizing the constituent value elements. The client approved the format, and the project was considered a success. The global value dossier has since been used to support ongoing market access submissions, and the client has expressed satisfaction with the results.

Meet the experts

Auke van der Meij, MSc

Auke van der Meij, MSc

Jeroen Paulissen, PharmD MSc

Jeroen Paulissen, PharmD MSc

Arjan  Postma, MSc

Arjan Postma, MSc

Services used

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